Day 02 A taste of EDIT 2000

Today (and on Friday) we will get to preview a slice of EDIT 2000 experience.

Activity stations

We will break into 4 stations (groups), each focused on one EDIT 2000 experience. Each group will work on one station for about 20 minutes, and then switch with another group. We cover all 4 stations over two class sessions.

Click on the links to read more about each station.

  1. Online profile
  2. LittleBits
  3. Twitter
  4. 3D printing
  5. (backup activity: Citizen Scientists)

Please be assured that if you find any of the tasks technically challenging and as a result cannot complete them in class, there are no consequences that affect your grade (at least for the first week!) Do ask around, though, as we may have lots of experts in the room!

Preparing for Wednesday

  1. You might have noticed that there’s always a “preparation” section at the end of each day. Pay attention. A lot of important information (e.g., deadlines) will be posted in this section.
  2. If you haven’t finished our student survey, please do so by Friday. Your first “late pass” is waiting 🙂
  3. My name is pronounced as

    Hope this helps!
    You can call me either Lechuan or Mr. Huang.

  4. Talk to me before you leave, or via email:, if you have questions or concerns about this course.

Day 01 Introductions

(When this video is playing, it means class has not started yet)

This course (briefly)

Good morning, early risers! Welcome to EDIT 2000! The name of the course is “Introduction to Computers for Teachers,” but what it implies is “meaningful learning” with technology. We’ll see what meaningful learning really is, but right now this understanding is good enough. For details, you can read our syllabus.

Your instructor

I’m Lechuan Huang (pronounced luhCHUUAHN HUUAHNG), a fourth year doctoral student in the Learning, Design, and Technology program. I am one of the EDIT 2000 TA’s. I am from China, where I taught high school students for 5+ years. I taught economics, but it is the learning process that really fascinates me. I’m building an online learning tool to help statistics learning. If you are “suffering” from statistics, just like many before you did, you can tell me your concerns, and maybe my research can help you!

My office is at 613B Aderhold Hall. Office hour is set up by appointment. I can be reached by email at My Twitter handle is @ouredit2000.

I’d like to show you a little of what we (meaning EDIT2000) do here. To make it more effective, let’s start with a few questions:

  • How many of you need to travel from a different part of campus to come to this EDIT 2000 section?
  • Why do we come to the same place at the same time to take the same class?


This course (some important stuff)

Some important stuff from the syllabus that most students want to know about:

  • Projects
  • Grading
  • Attendance
  • Late pass

Our course website

Yes, you are looking at it now. The URL is:

We will use this website instead of eLC for most course information.


Now it’s your turn! You’ve probably done a thousand self-introductions, so I think I can safely assume that you are experienced. Still, I hope I’m bringing something new to the table today.

This course (the core)

Our course is designed around the ISTE 2016 standards. You can read about them here, or play a game!

Preparing for the next class

  1. Please fill out this student survey (completion of which qualifies you for a late pass).
  2. Talk to me before you leave, or via email:, if you have questions or concerns about this course.