Day 27 BYOD project presentation

This could be the last day of the semester 🙂

Genius Hour presentation

There are a few of you who haven’t got the chance to present on Tuesday. We will start today’s class with you.

BYOD presentation

Our project Google doc:

Make sure you’ve posted the link to your Task 2 and Task 3 to this document.

We present in this order:

  1. Em, Reggie, and Jonathan
  2. Piper, Rachel, Meagan
  3. Ali, Mackenzie, Golda, Katie
  4. Rebecca, Grace, Jenna, Rebecca
  5. Lacy, Sebastian, Koby
  6. Mary Elizabeth, Emmy, Jeremiah, Lindsey

Let me know if you wish to move up the list.

Class photo

Volunteer with outstanding selfie skills needed.

Course evaluation

Please visit and log in to evaluate this course. I hear it’s important, so please do it 🙂

Preparing for next week (no kidding)

Your last (6th) Genius Hour post is due Monday, Apr. 24. You can simply put your presentation into words.


Day 23 BYOD: discussion Day 1

BYOD discussion

Today is the first discussion day of the BYOD project. At least one person from each group needs to show up for the discussion.

The problem we will deal with today:

Authentic problems: Find a school. Interview teacher(s) about technology integration there. You only need one school for each group. If for some reason you cannot reach the stakeholders in any K-12 schools, a fallback option is to interview your professors here at UGA about technology integration in their classrooms. Still, K-12 is preferred. You need to turn in a transcript/written record of the interview; the transcript does not need to be word-for-word.

Our agenda is simple:

  1. Are you able to reach a teacher for interview?
  2. Brainstorm on the whiteboard.
  3. Discuss the ideas.
  4. Take home those ideas you like.

Help us fill out some surveys for the Stop Motion project

We didn’t get quite enough responses for the research. Please help us by filling in this final survey. I really appreciate if you do.

Prepare for Thursday

We do not meet on Thursday. Use the time to conduct your interviews. We come back next Tuesday to discuss Points 2 and 3 of the BYOD project.


We are not meeting in class today. Use the time on the following tasks:

  1. Prepare your Citizen Scientist presentation. We present on Thursday.
  2. Interview using the StoryCorps app, and upload your interview from within the app.
  3. Consider ideas for your Genius Hour

All project descriptions can be found from the menu on the left, under “Projects”

Days 27-29 Maker education

This week we are not meeting in class.

For the Maker project:

  1. Use Instructables for inspiration (but you don’t have to), make something!
    • Make something that challenges you. While I’m not expecting you to make a rocket to send people into space, I don’t want to see your creation replicated by a 5-year-old under 10 minutes.
  2. We will not meet in class next week. I do expect you to make things. Send me a picture of what you are making by 11:59pm, Friday, Oct. 21. My email is:
  3. We come back to class on Monday, Oct. 24. We will share our progress and thoughts about the project.
  4. We will hold our Maker Faire in class on Wednesday, Oct. 26.
    • If you can take your creation to class, do it.
    • If you can’t (maybe it’s too big), shoot a video of yourself presenting your creation, and upload it to our class YouTube channel.
  5. I will video-record our Maker Faire.

I do not have a rubric for you. Instead, I ask you to make something that you value, that when you talk to people about it you feel proud.

Preparing for Friday

  1. Do remember to send me a photo of what you’ve made by the end of Friday. It doesn’t have to be finished. I just want to see your progress.
  2. We meet in class on the coming Monday.