Project: StoryCorps (Meaningful Learning)

For this project, you’ll learn about StoryCorps and use the free StoryCorps app to interview someone important to you to share with the class (and everyone with Internet connection).

The interview (50%)

Interview one person (parents, teachers, classmates, siblings, strangers, etc.) Some suggestions:

  • Absolutely remind the interviewee that the interview will be uploaded to the Internet and anyone can access it. If they don’t like it, you need to find another person to interview. It is strictly unethical to upload an interview without the consent of the interviewee.
  • The theme of your interview should be education (in its broadest sense) or educational technology; some of the questions that you can ask:
    • What has made you the person you are?
    • What did you want to become when you were a kid?
    • What was the most memorable event/experience in your (school) life?
    • What was your best moment in life?
    • What was your lowest moment in life? (Remind your interviewee that it’s OK to skip this one.)
    • (I don’t even care if you ask all sorts of questions that have no clear relationship to education, as long as you can get the interviewee to reflect on what he/she got out of that event/experience.)
    • If in doubt, email me.
  • Tweet a link to the interview you chose and mention something that was memorable or important to you from the interview. Use #edit2000 so we can find you and give you credit.

  • Your interview should include as many questions as necessary to create an interview that is a minimum of 5 minutes long.

  • When you finish your interview you will be prompted to upload it to the website. After you upload the interview, also tell me the link to the interview by filling in this Google form.

  • The rubric:

    Tweet about your interview 10%
    Completed interview of at least 5 minutes 90%
    Total Points 100%

The learning activity design (50%)

Form groups of 3. Try to come up with an innovative way to use StoryCorps for education. By innovative I mean something other than “Go interview someone and report back to the teacher,” although such interviews can definitely play a part in an innovative lesson plan. And by lesson plan I mean a plan about learning objectives and ways to achieve them.

For reference, you can read about how StoryCorps themselves use interviews for K-12 education: (And no, this idea is taken. Your design should be markedly different from StoryCorps U.)

Present your plan to the class:

  • Please keep the presentation between 5 to 10 minutes. 5%
  • Explain your lesson plan to the class. 20%
  • Explain how your plan promotes meaningful learning (Remember the five characteristics of meaningful learning?) 30%
  • Use multimedia (in the broad sense) to reflect your understanding of multiple means of presentation and multiple means of engagement. 20%
  • Consider multiple means of action and expression for assessment. 10%
  • Post your presentation to your portfolio by the end of the day you present. 5%
  • Be creative. 10%