Project: Genius Hour (Spring 2017)

The Genius Hour project is a semester-long project that helps you and allows you to think meaningfully about (educational) problems that are of personal interest to you, and hopefully, you will find creative solutions.

The Genius Hour exists for another reason. According to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), we try to provide multiple means of engagement. This is why we want the Genius Hour to be yours, and not simply what the instructors assign you to do. Similar ideas may have already appeared in your other classes. Think about the differences they make to your learning experience.

General guidelines

The concept of Genius Hour

  • Search for #geniushour on Twitter and see what you can find.
  • Watch this video by Google employees Nat and Lo (they have a channel too).
  • Since this is EDIT 2000 Teaching with Technology, your Genius Hour topic does need to be about technology integration into education.
  • Read about different topics related to K12 technology integration in two excellent resources: The New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report 2015 K12 Edition (pdf). You don’t need to read the entire thing. Just skim through and see what interests you. The National Educational Technology Plan–you don’t need to read the entire plan. The Introduction will be enough to get you started. But you may want to come back to one or both of these once you start writing about your topic.

Blog posts

For the 1st post, talk about what you plan to do/already have started to do, how this project relates to you (and people around you).

  • If you haven’t started yet, talk in some detail what your plan is: What resources do you need? What information can help you? Who can give you advice/opinions?
  • If you have already started, talk about/show what you have got so far, and how you did it.

For the 6th post (which is our last), talk about your experience with your project: How do you feel about it? What do you feel good about? What can be improved if you try again? What have you learned? How do you want to tell other people about it?

For Posts 2-5, write about your iterations. Show what you’ve done, how you evaluate what you’ve done, and how you’ve improved the project/planned to improve it. For an idea of iterative design, check out this Wikipedia entry.