Project: Citizen Scientists (Spring 2017)

Citizen Scientists

Educational technology provides the opportunity for authentic learning that might not have happened so easily in the past. For this task, you’ll participate in a citizen science activity of your choice. There are several places where you can search for projects:

Week 01 Task

  1. Play with the AgeGuess project.
  2. Look for a project (that is not AgeGuess) you’d love to participate in (and preferably can participate at home for no cost). You don’t have to make up your mind now. Look for possibilities.

This project can be done individually or in a group (if the project lends itself to group participation).

Going forward

See our project schedule if you need a timetable. Some important dates are listed below:

You need to confirm with me on the project you would like to participate in before or during our Thursday’s class (Jan. 11).

By Jan. 26 (time subject to change) you will need to prepare a presentation in a form of your choice. The presentation should address the following questions, and add anything that you find valuable in your participation:

  • What is your project about? (10%)
  • Do you see any of the 5 characteristics of meaningful learning in your participation experience? Please explain. (40%)
  • Do you recommend it for K-12 at all? Which grade level do you recommend it for? (40%)
    • If yes–
      • List predicted learning outcomes
      • List some keywords of its best features
    • If no–
      • List obstacles to desired learning outcomes
      • List keywords on potential improvements

Another 10% comes from your Twitter activity. Tweet at least 5 times about your participation, using the hashtag #CitizenScientist.