Day 27 BYOD project presentation

This could be the last day of the semester 🙂

Genius Hour presentation

There are a few of you who haven’t got the chance to present on Tuesday. We will start today’s class with you.

BYOD presentation

Our project Google doc:

Make sure you’ve posted the link to your Task 2 and Task 3 to this document.

We present in this order:

  1. Em, Reggie, and Jonathan
  2. Piper, Rachel, Meagan
  3. Ali, Mackenzie, Golda, Katie
  4. Rebecca, Grace, Jenna, Rebecca
  5. Lacy, Sebastian, Koby
  6. Mary Elizabeth, Emmy, Jeremiah, Lindsey

Let me know if you wish to move up the list.

Class photo

Volunteer with outstanding selfie skills needed.

Course evaluation

Please visit and log in to evaluate this course. I hear it’s important, so please do it 🙂

Preparing for next week (no kidding)

Your last (6th) Genius Hour post is due Monday, Apr. 24. You can simply put your presentation into words.


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