Day 24 BYOD discussions 2 & 3

BYOD discussion

Today is the second discussion day of the BYOD project.

Project schedule

  • Tuesday, Apr. 4: Group discussion 1
  • Thursday, Apr. 6: Interview day, no class meeting
  • Tuesday, Apr. 11: Group discussions 2 & 3
  • Thursday, Apr. 13: Group work
  • Tuesday, Apr. 18: (Genius Hour presentation)
  • Thursday, Apr. 20: Presentation

The problems we will deal with today:

Rationale for BYOD or 1:1

At least one person from each group needs to show up.

Discussion begins at 11:05 am.

In terms of BYOD or 1:1, suggest a plan to address the problems mentioned by the teachers. This plan should either change the direction of where the school is going with technology integration, or explain the reasons why the school should revise instead of revolutionize what it’s already doing. While making your argument, consider what you’ve learned about the Five Characteristics of Meaningful Learning with Technology (recall our reading in the beginning of semester). Write the rationale in the form of a report to the school administrator. The report should be at least 300 words long.

Specific agenda

  1. Report your progress–in particular, what did the teachers say?
    • What have you learned about the school?
    • Did the teachers say anything unexpected?
  2. Generally speaking, what will your proposition for technology integration be?
  3. How does your proposition make sense in terms of meaningful learning? (Our first reading of the semester was about meaningful learning.)
    • Active
    • Constructive
    • Cooperative
    • Authentic
    • Intentional

Learning activity design

At least one person from each group needs to show up.

Discussion begins at 11:40 am.

Create a learning activity that justifies your rationale, that is, if you suggest the school should start BYOD, your learning activity should take advantage of BYOD, and it should be more or less impossible given the school’s current policy on technology integration. This activity should be somewhat complex, in that it requires the interaction of multiple pieces of technology. Present your activity design to the class creatively (specifics will be updated).

Specific agenda

  1. Review your progress, especially where you stand regarding technology integration in the classroom.
  2. Explain your (initial) plan for the activity.
    • Recently I was introduced to this website:, providing information on all sorts of apps for the use in the classroom. Check it out!
  3. What are the non-slideshow, non-word document presentation methods you know?

Preparing for the end of semester

  • Help us recruit! By sending them our course flyer:
  • We come to class on Thursday for group work. This is the last day of group work before presentation.
  • You will present your Genius Hour project on Tuesday, Apr. 18. Talk about what you will write in your final post: (These are general guidelines. You are free to talk about things you want to talk about the most.)
    • How do you feel about it?
    • What do you feel good about?
    • What can be improved if you try again?
    • What have you learned?
    • How do you want to tell other people about it?
  • You will present your BYOD project on Thursday, Apr. 20.
  • We can move the presentations back by one day.



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