Day 22 Stop Motion presentation & BYOD

We have two tasks today:

  1. Presenting our Stop Motion animations (and talk about some of the reflection questions)
  2. Get started with the BYOD project (last project of the semester!)

Stop Motion animation presentation

Our YouTube channel:

We present in this order:

  1. Golda, Ali, Mackenzie, & Katie
  2. Em, Jonathan, & Reggie
  3. Sebastian, Koby, & Lacy
  4. Piper, Rachel, & Meagan
  5. Rebecca Erwin, Jenna, Rebecca Marshall, & Grace
  6. Emmy, Lindsey, Mary Elizabeth, & Jeremiah

Let me know if you want to present earlier.

If possible, keep your presentation under 5 minutes. But if it needs to be longer, that’s OK, too.

Our project document is here. Like always, please write some nice words for your classmates!

Your reflection is due by the end of Monday, Apr. 3. See our rubric for detailed requirements. Post it to your blog.

Stop Motion research

If you have agreed to participate in this research, please continue to help us by filling in this final survey. This one is longer than the previous two, so I hope it’s more satisfying.

Bring your own device: To BYOD or not?

I have assigned you two introductory videos on BYOD on Tuesday (and no, you are not required to have watched them already). Now read this introduction to the debate on BYOD and the arguments from LaMaster and Stager. Please take a moment to reflect on your position on this issue: Should students be allowed to use their own devices in the classroom?

Discuss in groups of 4~5, divide up the work so at least one person is covering one of the following perspectives:

  1. Where you agree with LaMaster
  2. Where you disagree with LaMaster
  3. Where you agree with Stager
  4. Where you disagree with Stager

Take about 5 minutes to read, and write down your findings in this Google Doc. When you finish, discuss within your group to form a coherent argument within your group about the topic (Should students be allowed to use their own devices in the classroom?) and:

  • if yes: How does BYOD justify/overcome its weaknesses?
  • if no: What alternatives do you propose?

Write down your argument in the same Google Doc, below the table.

There are some more readings you can use for reference in this discussion and your BYOD project that follows:

The BYOD project

Here is the project description.

Project schedule

We approach this project similarly to the Wonderopolis project–We will hold small group meetings where each group needs to be represented by at least one group member to discuss important aspects of the project.

  • Tuesday, Apr. 4: Group discussion 1
  • Thursday, Apr. 6: Interview day, no class meeting
  • Tuesday, Apr. 11: Group discussions 2 & 3
  • Thursday, Apr. 13: Group work
  • Tuesday, Apr. 18: (Genius Hour presentation)
  • Thursday, Apr. 20: Presentation

What to do today

  1. Read the project description
  2. Group up (3~4 in a group) and register your groups here:
  3. Decide who comes for which discussion

Volunteer Opportunity

The CCSD Maker Faire is on Saturday, April 1st at Clarke Central High School and is being run in conjunction with the Slingshot Festival. For more information, go to this website:

If you participate, you will have the choice to write your 5th Genius Hour post (or not)!

Sign up here:

Another research you can help out with!

This research, should you choose to participate in, needs you to fill in two surveys (one today, the other at the end of the BYOD project), and researchers will look at BYOD project data.

Preparing for next week

  • Log in to your eLC account, find your EDIT 2000, and find BYOT_Week 1 from your content browser. Watch the two introduction videos and finish a formative quiz by the end of Saturday (Apr. 1).
  • Write your reflection for the Stop Motion project and post it to your blog by the end of Monday, Apr. 3.
  • Getting started with your BYOD project.
  • Update your 5th Genius Hour post by Friday, Apr. 7.

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