Day 39 Genius Hour: Project sharing

Last day of class!

Since the Genius Hour is designed to be your own projects, I have no idea what we are going to get. But given your work throughout the semester, why should we expect anything less than impressive?

We will organize the project sharing as an exhibition/fair:


Each station is occupied by 3 or 4 people. Please set up your presentations (or whatever form it takes) in the first 10 minutes of the class. If you have time, show your work first to people who share the station with you. In order to finish all presentations today (so we don’t have to come back on May 2), each station has up to 10 minutes of presentation time, so you may want to communicate between yourselves before the presentation starts.

When the 10-minute preparation time is over, we begin from the Purple station, followed by the Red, the Green, the Peach, and the Blue in that order. When you are not presenting, be the best audience for your classmates by being attentive and curious.

The last Genius Hour post

Your last Genius Hour post is due May 2 at midnight. We call it Post 6, but you probably will have only 5 posts because Posts 4 and 5 are combined.

Class photo

Hopefully we can find some time at the end of class to take another one for people who were not present on Wednesday.

Preparing for the future (?)

I hope this semester has left you with something useful in the future, whatever you choose to do. I do have a personal message for you: Do something you love, and encourage your students to do what they love.

Unfortunately you can’t take EDIT2000 twice, but I do expect to see your friends next semester. And if you’re not graduating, we may still meet on campus. Good luck with your exams, and enjoy your summer!


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