Day 37 Mobile Learning: Presentations


last week of class!

Today we present our Mobile Learning (or BYOD, or 1:1, or whatever you’d like to call it) project you’ve been putting up serious work for. I also hope that the extra days has given you the opportunity to get back to the teachers for feedback. It’s time to share the work and knowledge with the rest of the class.

We will present in the following order (Please let me know if you wish to move forward):

The 10:10 section

  1. Kelly Elson, Alex Grill, and Isaiah Wynn
  2. Miranda Burke, Morgan Davis, Maya Jones, and Richard Kim
  3. Justin Au, Alexius Davis, Eunice Kim, and Yejee Kim
  4. Emily Easter, Abbigail Hall, Shelby Lawrence, and Morgan Penland
  5. Abby Brown, Chaycie Goggins, David Gonzalez, and Helen Smythe

The 11:15 section

  1. Reggie Carter, Melissa Gomes, Rory Merrill, and Samantha Pack
  2. Michelle Lee, Emma Leitson, Laura Malone, and Italia Tran
  3. Jordan Barrs, Valencia Harper, Tori Hummel, and Michelle Luce
  4. Lydia Cordero, Courteney Hooks, Danielle Hudson, and Gigi Marino
  5. Tracy Howard, Brandy Jenkins, Benjamin Preston, and Victoria Walker

When you are not presenting, please be the best audience you can for your classmates, and write a few comments for them here (10:10 section, and 11:15 section).

Preparing for the end of semester

  1. If we don’t finish today, we will continue presenting on Wednesday.
  2. Not many of you have filled out the Genius Hour presentation brainstorm Padlet (10:10 section, and 11:15 section). We’ll do this on Wednesday as well.
  3. Get prepared to talk about your Genius Hour to class on Friday.
  4. We probably will end the semester on Friday.
  5. The due date of the last Genius Hour post has been pushed back to May 2.

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