Day 36 Extended group work


our progress as of Apr. 20

Mobile Learning group work

Please come to class as groups unless your group has finished the project, in which case I highly recommend you to take the time to get back to the teacher for feedback. Or, if your group would like to work from some other places, please send me an email (

AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have a meeting to attend Friday morning and won’t be able to come to class. It was scheduled a while ago, but somehow I completely forgot about it until now. As a result, I have to cancel our class on Friday. Very sorry about it!

Our project presentation will be pushed back to Monday, Apr. 25.

You only need to present your Task 3 (and if available, Task 4, which is the bonus). Share a link to your Tasks 1 & 2 with me or email them to me before 11:59 pm, Monday, Apr. 25.

Genius Hour

Please brainstorm for some ideas on how you would like to share your project with the class. Before we come back to class on Monday, please write down your ideas here: 10:10 section, or 11:15 section. You can bring the artifacts you’ve created, show us the resources you’ve collected, or do any creative stuff that can be done in a classroom safely. Depending on the time we have, we will start sharing our Genius Hour project either on Apr. 27 or Apr. 29.


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