Day 34 Group work

It’s optional to come to class today. Please don’t make the group work optional, though. As we plan to present on Wednesday, you should at least have an initial plan for Tasks 2 and 3. I suggest groups who are somewhat behind schedule to come to class for more working time together.

We come back to class on Monday for one more day on the project.

For your convenience, here’s our schedule for the Mobile Learning project:

  1. Wednesday, Apr. 6: Task 1 discussion.
  2. Friday, Apr. 8: No class meeting. Use your time for the interview or other group activities.
  3. Monday, Apr. 11: Task 2 discussion.
  4. Wednesday, Apr. 13: Task 3 discussion.
  5. Friday, Apr. 15: Group work.
  6. Monday, Apr. 18: Group work (back to class).
  7. Wednesday, Apr. 20: Presentation (or extended group work).
  8. Friday, Apr. 22: Presentation.

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