Day 41

Today will be the last day before we present our Mobile Learning project. I highly recommend you to come to class just so you will spend time together on the project, but I’m ok with you working somewhere else. Please inform me your preferred date to present. I will let you know the presentation schedule by noon, Tuesday.


Day 40

For today’s class please do your project (in class, or anywhere!) Send me your ideas for Mobile Learning project presentation. Based on your input, I will send you presentation guidelines after class.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Day 39

We will meet today in class. Each group please do check in with me on your progress.

The Mobile Learning project will be due after Thanksgiving. There will be a presentation, and while I have some ideas about how to do it, I do like to hear your opinions on the format.

A reminder: your 5th Genius Hour post is due 11:59pm, Monday, Nov.23. Nov. 29.

Day 38

Today we will be discussing Task 3:

Letter to parents or students: Write a letter to parents/students introducing the school’s BYOD initiative–include information from the rationale and classroom expectations. What should parents and students know before the first day of the BYOD initiative? Length: 2 pages–with graphics.

You do not need to come with a complete letter. All we are doing today is to share progress, ideas, and questions.

Each group please remember to send at least one representative to class.

Preparing for Wednesday

  • The class will meet on Wednesday. Each group will check in with me and then do the group project (in class or where you prefer).
  • Your 5th Genius Hour post is due 11:59pm, Monday, Nov. 23.

Day 37

Today we will be discussing Task 2:

Classroom expectations: How can a classroom be organized to maximize BYOD impact? Generate a list of suggestions, rules, expectations to be used in a classroom. If your expectations are grade-specific, label them as such. Length: 2-3 pages (this will likely be a bullet or numbered list with graphics).

I am not looking for finished work. Share your progress, ideas, and concerns with the class.

Each group please remember to send at least one representative to class.

Day 36

Today is for discussion of Task 1:

Rationale for BYOD: Using the theme “technology is a tool, not a learning objective,” and what you’ve learned about the Five Characteristics of Meaningful Learning with Technology (recall our reading in the beginning of semester), write a rationale for BYOD for an elementary school. Your audience is administrators and teachers. Length: 300-400 words.

Each group please remember to send at least one representative to class.

Day 35

Our class today is for your group work, and you don’t have to come to class to do it. I do suggest you to come if meeting off class isn’t very convenient for your group.

DO remember to send at least one group member to class on Wednesday to discuss the first task.

BTW, since there are no four-people groups, the aforementioned 5% boost will not apply. Don’t worry. We have two weeks to work together, and you’ll still succeed.